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In 2014, a potential frontrunner in the march toward equal marriage is already emerging. In 2006 the Old Dominion amended its constitution to define marriage as being between a man and a woman only. But Virginia’s new Attorney General Mark Herring recently announced that, instead of defending that discriminatory law, he is going to side with the plaintiffs in the case challenging the ban. This is a big deal. You can help keep up the fight for marriage equality in Virginia and across the country. If marriage equality—or a lack thereof—in your state is affecting you or someone you know, OFA wants to hear from you. Tell your story using the story tool and help spread the word about why equal marriage is so important.

We need an economy that is built to last, where everyone who is willing to work hard is able to find a good job that provides economic security. The U.S. economy continues to recover from the worst economic crisis since the Great Depression—under President Obama, we’ve now seen nearly four straight years of job growth, adding in more than 8 million private sector jobs. Small businesses are the engine of that job growth, and essential to the continued economic recovery.


Nobody should go broke just because they get sick. Health insurance is key to financial security, and the Affordable Care Act gives millions of hard-working, middle class families access to affordable health insurance—many for the first time. Health reform also helps our nation’s bottom-line. According to the Congressional Budget Office, the Affordable Care Act will reduce the federal deficit by $127 billion in this decade.

Few issues have a greater economic impact than immigration reform. The bipartisan bill passed by the Senate would create more than

  • 3.2 million new jobs
  • reduce the deficit by $800 billion over the next two decades

Every day the House of Representatives fails to pass comprehensive reform, our economy loses another $37 million.